** This article first appeared on All Things Valley League **

By John Leonard

All five games were played last night. We had a game with one run scored and a game with 20 scored…


-Harrisonburg 1, Waynesboro 0
-New Market 8, Woodstock 2
-Front Royal 10, Purcellville 9
-Winchester 18, Strasburg 2
-Charlottesville 11, Covington 4

Hitter of the Day

The hitter of the day is pretty clearly Charlottesville’s Adam Cecere, who pummeled Covington by going 4-5, with three runs scored, a double, two home runs, and three RBIs. The 6-foot-5 freshman from Wake Forest is now 10-24 on the season, with a slashline of .417/.462/.792. He’s obviously added some pop to the Charlottesville lineup!

Others of Note

-Victor Castillo, Covington: 2-4, two runs
-Dylan Mach, Covington: 2-3, walk
-Trendon Craig, Covington: 2-3, run, RBI, walk, home run, stolen base
-Charles Loust, Woodstock: 3-4, double, stolen base
-Jason Luke, New Market: 2-5, two runs, RBI, stolen base
-Robert Antonetti, New Market: 1-2, two runs, two RBIs, three walks, home run, stolen base
-Jackson Lancaster, New Market: 2-3, run, two RBIs, triple
-Benjamin Greer, Purcellville: 1-2, three runs, two walks
-Geo Blanton, Purcellville: 2-5, run, two RBIs, home run
-Jack Krause, Front Royal: 3-5, three runs, two RBIs, double, stolen base
-Niko Amory, Front Royal: 2-4, RBI, double, stolen base
-Nate Furman, Winchester: 1-1, four runs, three walks, HBP, three stolen bases
-Austin Bulman, Winchester: 1-3, three runs, RBI, two walks, double, stolen base
-Will Long, Winchester: 2-3, two runs, six RBIs, walk, HBP, home run
-Cameran Brantley, Winchester: 3-6, three runs, four RBIs, home run
-Pierce Bennett, Charlottesville: 1-3, two runs, RBI, two walks, HBP

Pitcher of the Day

Our POD is Winchester’s Jordan Wimpelberg, who not only has a fantastic last name, but also shut down the Strasburg Express last night, firing six innings while allowing three hits, one unearned run, no walks, and striking out two to earn the win. He scored the highest game score of the night, coming in at 66. From St. Johns River State, Wimpelberg is now 1-0, 3.46, with 11 K’s in 13 innings pitched this summer.

Others of Note

-Jake Blair, Harrisonburg: Five shutout innings, four hits, no walks, three K’s, win (GS:62)
-Liam McDonnell, Harrisonburg: Four shutout innings, one hit, one walks, three K’s, save
-Seth Logue, Waynesboro: 4 1/3 innings, four hits, one run, no walks, five K’s, loss
-Deven Judy, Waynesboro: 3 2/3 innings, one hit, no runs, one walks, four K’s
-Greg Martinez, New Market: Six innings, seven hits, two runs, no walks, nine K’s, win (GS: 59)
-Patrick Montfort, New Market: Two innings, two hits, no runs, one walk, five K’s
-Jason Roberts, Covington: 2 1/3 innings, one hit, no runs, one walk, one K
-Ethan Campos, Woodstock: 2 2/3 innings, two hits, no runs, one walk, four K’s

Tonight’s Games

-Front Royal at Purcellville 7 PM
-Staunton at Covington 7 PM
-Harrisonburg at Charlottesville 7 PM
-Winchester at Woodstock 7 PM